About Us

Hi & Welcome to Maya's Place :)

Maya began her career in the fashion world, as merchandiser for her fathers trendy and chic boutiques in Soho, and at the same time took her love for fashion further, and graduated from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where she majored in fashion buying and merchandising.

Sometimes life’s script doesn’t play out exactly like we expect to, and Maya’s was no exception. Several incidents in her life led her on a path of spirituality and growth, and with this new found inspiration, and her “Passion for Fashion”, she quickly realized what her mission is:

To merge these  two worlds “Maya” Style. 

But for Maya it wasn't  just about modesty, she also wanted to achieve a fashionable  look that would radiate a woman's inner and outer beauty and femininity, Without  compromising her modesty.

And of course have lots of fun doing it.

That's when Maya’s Place was born.

She opened up her first retail store in her local market in Great Neck, and shortly after diversified to her online store and social media platforms, reaching a much wider audience and catapulting her to the forefront of the Modest clothing industry.

Today Maya has also diversified and is supplying her Maya’s Place line,  to many boutiques across the globe. Her modest yet trendy, chic and classy clothes are popular with all women, regardless of background. It is her belief a woman can be modest and still portrait herself as fashionable and classy at the same time. 

For Maya, this has been an incredible journey and a labor of love, and we that she says to all her loyal customers:

“ Thank you for making Maya’s Place, your Place” 💕