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Hi & Welcome to Maya's Place,

Get to know who we are and how Maya's Place was born,

After going to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) for Fashion Buying and Merchandizing Maya Namdar never in her life imagined she would end up running a website dedicated to modest clothing. After all, her father’s trendy and chic boutiques in Soho and Long Island, for which she did most of the merchandise purchases, didn’t exactly carry the clothes religious & modest women would ever wear!

Maya grew up in a traditional Sephardic household treasuring Shabbat and holidays but was not completely observant. 

Sometimes life’s script doesn’t play out exactly like we expect to, and Maya’s was no exception. Several incidents in her life tested her to an extent where even most people would not know what to do. Instead of loosing herself, Maya found inspiration in her roots. Motivated by a few role models, Maya decided it was time for her to take what proved to be the most important step in her life: becoming an observant Jew.

When Maya embraced the abundant beauty embedded in a religious life, she also embraced tzniut (modesty). Her fashion sense urged her to avoid looking frumpy and her father, a Baal Teshuva himself, started to create gorgeous pencil skirts just the right length for her and her daughters.

Realizing there was a need in the Great Neck community for modest clothing and seeing how her own community was growing spiritually, Maya decided to put her vast experience as a fashion buyer and merchandiser to work. That is how Maya’s Place was born!

Today, Maya’s Place not only services the Greater New York area but also many other places in the United States and around the world. Her modest yet trendy, chic and classy clothes are popular with religious women and non-religious women alike. It is her belief a woman can be modest and still portrait herself as fashionable and classy at the same time. For Maya, this has been an incredible journey and a labor of love.