Face mask filters PM2.5

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PM2.5 Activated Carbon Mask Filter Replacement Pads for Face Masks

5 layers replacement filter to fit our face mask, 2 layers of non-woven fabric, 2 layers of meltblown cloth, and 1 layer of activated carbon, which can make your ordinary masks more protective!

Filters are compressed fibers and would not stand up to being washed. Filters last 5-7 days of casual use or 12-15 hours of consecutive use. It is a good idea to get more than one replacement filters.

PM25 filters are shown to be effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particulates, even the very smallest nanoparticles. The PM25 name comes from these filters' original use as protection against Particulate Matter 2.5, the smallest and most dangerous form of air pollution.

* Note: Please don't wash the filter because of the activated carbon