Mia Mod Star Skirt

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Their shape is a true Fit and Flare shape. Some describe this as a Circle skirt or Skater Skirt.
The skirts are stiffer and more flary than the Summer & Winter Weight.


Extra Short 20in | Short: 22in | Medium: 24in  | Long: 25in | Extra Long 27in 

The Skirts are Amazing in that they are Designed to Stretch to almost Any Shape.   The Skirts are sized by length. The way they fit is based on height and body type.  Made with a revolutionary stretch, the skirts have been known to fit a wide range of sizes.


Made of Mercerized Cotton thread spun with specialized Elastic.


Skirt may be washed in the machine on a Regular wash however, washing it alongside certain fabrics may cause it to unnecessarily Pimple.
Hand Wash Cold Preferred.  Lay Flat To Dry
Do not wash 2 MM Skirts Together in the Same Machine Cycle!

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